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DoorArreda Shine kolekcija notranjih vrat

Shine kolekcija

Steklena notranja vrata za najzahtevnejše

The light inside. Inside the house, or any other living space. And in our thoughts, to conceive living (not only living but also, and first, experiencing) as a need/desire for elegance, comfort and versatility of use that reflects and expresses our creativity. This is the mission of the DoorArreda Shine glass door collection, a brilliant kaleidoscope of technical and aesthetic solutions to design and characterise an innovative and sophisticated design set.

Aluminium structures, that can be installed on any type of case, including the flush wall, thus becoming completely invisible. Sliding doors with several doors with total invisible rail system into the ceiling. Wide availability of range with 11 different glass finishes, with the additional possibility of customisation with RAL painted glass upon the customer’s request, with transparent glass decorated with white linen woven fabric in 5 different designs, or with a mirror finish.

DoorArreda produktna linija Shine kelokcije


The DoorArreda Shine collection is the shimmering glow of creative ideas for our living, perfect partner product for sector professionals and perfect spark to discover the hidden designer in all of us.

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